The ten most difficult signs in the Highway Code

By Chris Haycock     28 August 2015

Most signs contained in the Highway Code are pretty self-explanatory, but there are a few that constantly puzzle motorists. How many of them do you know?

If you have a look at the road signs in the Highway Code you'll realise that they're not as bad as they seem - they seem very self-explanatory and shouldn't cause too much problems with understanding their meanings.

However, there are a few signs that are not so apparent, even though some of them can be found on the majority of roads. We've put together a tongue-in-cheek list of some signs that may confuse many drivers when they're out and about. How many of these road signs do you truly understand?

National Speed Limit Applies

This one still confuses some people, even though it's one of the most common road signs. When you see it on the road it tells drivers that the speed limit of 60mph (70 on motorways/dual carriageways) is in force. Obey, or you might just feel the strong hand of the law.

No Motor Vehicles

Take note potential Evil Knievels - this has nothing to do with flying motorbikes. It means that no motor vehicles are allowed on this road. Basically, if it's got an engine, then find another route to get to Aunty Sue's house for her spaghetti bolognaise.

No Overtaking

You can't overtake on this stretch of road. It's deemed unsafe to overtake so the authorities 'demand' that you must crawl behind that tractor at 10mph. Sorry. It'll probably be turning off-road in a mile or two, or pull over so you can pass. Some are nice and polite like that.

No Stopping

Nope, this doesn't mean no entry or no waiting. It means that you can't stop, not even to pick up a Burger King. Unless you break down, of course. In which case we hope you're quite close to a Burger King, or KFC if you fancy a bit of chicken.

No Vehicles Carrying Explosives

Just in case you were thinking of travelling to the seaside with a case of TNT in your boot, you can't. At least not on this road. Stick to country roads out of harms way, if you have plans to blow a hole in a mountain this weekend.

National Speed Limit Applies

This one still confuses some people. When you see it on the road it tells drivers that the speed limit of 60mph (70 on motorways/dual carriageways) is in force. It doesn't give you the right to do 30 miles an hour more than the limit though.

Overhead Electric Cables

Being hit by a streak of lightning during a thunderstorm is (probably) not everyone's idea of fun. Neither is catching some electric cables hanging down from a low pylon on top of your roof. Tzzzzz!#%$.

Soft Verges

Soft verges can be a problem. No, honestly. Run off the road with two of your wheels on the left and it causes all sorts of problems with steering. Chances are you'll end up in that soft verge wondering which way is UP, so be careful.

T-Junction with Priority Over Vehicles From Right

Odd one, this. Even though it's a t-junction you have the right of way even if a vehicle is approaching from the right. Go on, enjoy it. Just ensure that those coming from the right are aware that you're pulling out in front of them.

Vehicles May Pass Either Side

You don't need to cut your car in half to go both ways. Just choose one or the other and you'll come out at the same place. Easy. It'll feel as though you've just used Dr. Who's Tardis. Or maybe not.